How to Increase 2x Conversion Rate Using These Simple Tactics

Bottom line is that the bottom line matters. As hard as it may sound, let us face it that there is an elephant in the room that nobody in your digital marketing team wants to talk about. May the truth be said that traffic building though challenging amounts to nothing if the traffic is not converted? Take this statistical data. If you are able to increase your conversion rate from 1% to 2%, you are essentially going to end up doubling your sales revenue.

Ace digital marketing guru Neil Patel in one of his writings asserts that the statistics for the conversion rates of industry verticals accruing from Facebook advertisement campaigns point to an average conversion rate of 9.21%. Citing this as the reference he further asserts that in comparison to Facebook advertisement campaigns the conversion yield from websites has a measly average rate of 2.35%. What could be the enormity of the challenge of conversion rate optimization then?

Conversion is the single most important pain point and the ball stops rolling here. Needless to say then, that the conversion rate of your website is probably one of the most important indicators of the sales funnel of your brand and undoubtedly the most challenging one as well.


5 Essential Elements Your Freelance Website Should Have

You’re your own boss. There’s no one to boss you up. And that’s the biggest advantage of being a freelancer.

Who Is A Freelancer, BTW?

Freelancer is a knowledgeable and experienced professional that offers a business his/her services without actually being a full-time or in-house employee with that business. Freelance professionals can be found in any industry – such as website development, designing, social media, digital marketing, engineering, marketing, management, photography, hospitality, sports, teaching, writing, acting, modeling, arts & crafts, and so on and so on. But, how and why people choose to become a freelancer?

Many reasons can be mentioned here. One of the biggest is – dissatisfaction with full-time job. And the blame is on horrible bosses and unfriendly workplace environment. You have to go to work, no matter how unwell you are today! And that’s the feeling that encourages a large number of working professionals to convert into a freelancer.

Additionally, up-level frustration, unexpectedly poor salary, and exaggerated level of discipline are some of the other reasons why people choose to become a freelancer.

Building Your Freelancer Portfolio Website

Starting out as a freelancer? Make sure you have an impressive online portfolio, which can also be called your freelancer website. Having a website for a professional working as a freelancer is imperative, because it enhances your credibility which increases your chance of getting more work.