App Store Optimization (ASO) – Way to Promote Your APP on Google Play and Apple App Store

The technology has changed, and now users are moving to mobile for day-to-day activities, so app store optimization is most important to improve visibility and sales for any online business. According to Bankmycell, in 2029, there will be 8.06 billion cell phone users in the world, so every online business must have a mobile marketing strategy for its business presence.

App store optimization is a technique to improve the visibility of mobile apps in the app store, especially in the Apple App Store and Google Play. First, you need to understand the difference between the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Let me differentiate it:

Apple App Store vs. Google Play

The simple difference between the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is that iPhone users can use the Apple App Store, and Android smartphone users can use the Google Play Store to browse and download Android and iOS apps on their mobile phones.

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5 SEO Trends That YOU Need To Know In 2021

It’s a new dawn of online SEO, and if you’re not keeping up with the trends, you will end up missing out on all of that search traffic!

Here are five SEO trends we expect to keep trending in 2021.

SEO Is Still Important In 2021

Did someone tell you that SEO is dead? Well, they were mostly wrong.

SEO is changing every day, and it’s no longer enough to just stuff a load of keywords into your article and hope for the best!

Getting a professional SEO agency, like ALT agency, onboard to help you make smart choices will be absolutely pivotal for your success in 2021 and beyond.

AI Will Have A Major Impact On SEO

Google is and has been investing billions of dollars into Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to the point where the AI developed algorithm is so clever that even the people who worked on it have a hard time being able to decipher it!

This trend is likely to grow even more throughout the year and beyond, which means you need to double down on your good SEO habits, as the AI is learning the tricks markets have been using to get around it.

AI Isn’t Quite There Yet

Speaking of tricks, the AI isn’t quite there on its path to dominance over the SEO sphere just yet. There are still a few ways to beat the algorithm, but your main focus needs to be on working with it rather than against it.

UX Design Is A Major Part Of SEO

Did you think it’s just enough to write a long article about your topic and leave it be? You need to think again, as user experience and good design are playing a major role in SEO right now and this only looks to continue throughout the next twelve months too.

Make sure everything you put on your website looks great and is there for the right reasons. Articles need to be easy to scan and give the users the information they need right when they need it, don’t make them wait.

Don’t forget to focus on formatting too. Use H2, H3, and H4 headings, bold and italics, as well as bullet pointing and numbered list to help your users (and Google) scan your content.

Consider Other Search Engines

The future of search is coming, and it may not lie with Google. This is a major stumbling block for many SEO experts today, but you need to start planning for a future that doesn’t have Google at the top and everyone else way behind.

Google is, and probably will be in the near future, still the number one search engine by a long shot, but after their removal of their “Don’t be evil” promise, and their apparent censorship on Google-owned websites like YouTube, there has been a huge shift to using other search services, such as Duck Duck Go.

Smart SEO professionals will be watching this trend and planning accordingly.

SEO Tips for Engineering Websites to Improve Ranking & Traffic

If you have noticed that there has been a decrease in traffic to your engineering website, it’s important that you take action fast. Getting as much traffic as possible to your page is important, however, knowing which strategy to take can prove costly in the long run.

SEO (search engine optimization) is used to boost your website’s search engine ranking result, meaning that your customers and clients can seek out your services within an instant. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some handy SEO tips that can boost your engineering website’s ranking.

Use Relevant Keywords

Incorporating relevant keywords into your content is key to boosting traffic to your engineering website. It’s important that you select phrases and words that users are likely to type into Google, helping to increase the chances of them clicking on your page. If you aren’t sure how to tackle keyword research, there are three strategies that you can take, which are:

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Top 8 Content Curation Strategies for a Successful Social Media Campaign

With an exponential growth of competition on the digital landscape, businesses are increasingly focusing on high quality content to effectively market their brands. Search engines are coming up with advanced algorithms that reward brands which drive huge amount of engagements with relevant and informative content.

In view of this, content curation has become a potent strategy and an integral part of social media marketing. Today, social media channels are a powerful vehicle that draw people’s attention with quality content, which is changing their lives for better. Thus sharing relevant content on social media is at the heart of content curation that factors in a variety of perspectives meant for providing value to the people at large.

What is content curation and why is it important?

To put it simply, content curation is the act of consistently, finding, gathering, organizing, annotating, interpreting, and sharing the most relevant content on a specific topic for the benefit of the people. Content curation is not necessarily content creation. Rather, it’s more of finding high value content pertaining to a specific category and funnelling that information to the readers.

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Essential Tips on How to Improve Website Speed for More Traffic & Conversions

Is your website not getting enough conversions? Have you ever delved deeper into the issue to know the challenge? What impedes the speed of your website?

In this article, we shall attempt to establish a strong link between website speed and resulting conversions. In the world of online business, a website has to pass the checklist of all the possible factors and page speed is one of them.

Internet is increasingly becoming the place where people tend to be less patient and want information with the snap of a finger. They like to get their website loaded as quickly as possible. According to a recent survey, 47% users abandon website that takes more than 3 seconds.

So it’s highly pertinent not to irritate your visitors with a low downloading speed. No matter how good your products or services are if your website speed is not up to the mark, they shall abandon your website right away.

Page speed is the main point of concern for every online business and it will impact search rankings, website traffic, conversion rates and sales. For that, you need to optimize the website speed not only for desktop but for mobile as well. A delay of even 1 second can cost your business several thousand dollars.

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