Wedding Venue Marketing Strategy to Increase Bookings

Many people’s only large-scale social event is their wedding. For these and other reasons, the wedding venue accounts for around half of a couple’s total wedding expenditures. Therefore, couples want the venue to be picture-perfect since it serves as the stage for their wedding day. However, wedding venues face intense competition from hundreds of different venues, each offering its own special amenities and atmosphere.

So, a well-thought-out marketing strategy not only aids in providing couples with the ideal venue but also boosts earnings. As a result, numerous venues dedicate a different marketing approach to weddings. One such is providing personalized wedding water bottle labels to make them more appealing.

Tips to Make the Venue Stand Out from the Rest

Here are some ways to market your wedding venue to couples that will help it stand out from the competition:

·       Promote What Couples Desire

Ensure your advertising speaks to the needs and desires of engaged couples searching for a wedding venue. Even while wedding planners may play an important role, your primary audience should be the happy newlyweds. You need to find out what people are looking for to assist them with the best service. In other words, this will set you apart from the competitors.

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How Customer Centricity Is a Revolutionary Approach to Transform Your Business

Businesses today have realized (and rightly so) to emphasize devising strategies that revolve around their customers. In other words, putting customers and their interests first is a way forward for companies in this digital age.

There was a time when marketing used to be a one way communication and businesses were dictating the terms. Today, however, it is customer who is firmly sitting in the driving seat and making informed decisions regarding what to purchase and whom to engage with. Part of the reason for this unprecedented age of customer is technology-driven change along with an explosion of open and online engagement. Companies are now constantly being scrutinized by consumers in order to ensure not just better quality of products or services, but better experience as well. Suffice it to say, the balance of power has comprehensively shifted toward customers.

Customer centricity, therefore, has become the central focus of any company. It’s a way of doing business that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale with a clear vision, exceptional strategy, and powerful execution. It includes offering greater personalization, better communication, nurturing relationships, and high-valued connected experiences across channels.

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5 CRO Barriers and How to Effectively Overcome Them

When you design a website the ultimate goal is CONVERSION. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a common practice followed by successful marketers to convert visitors into customers.

Opposed to the common misconception that online marketing is very costly and only affordable by big entrepreneurs, CRO boost conversion rates without incurring large and impractical expenses.

Let us point out some barriers to CRO, how it can adversely affect the “selling potential” of your website and subtle ways in which it can be overcome:

1- Speed means Customer Satisfaction

Slow sites are a bad User Experience (UX). Period.

Impatient Users get irritated by a slow loading webpage.

Back in 2009, Google conducted a research which shows that slowing down a page by 100-400 milliseconds (less than half a second) reduced searches by 0.2%-0.6%. This might sound like a small number but it amounts to a loss of 14,400 searches, per minute! Furthermore if the website keeps up this trend for a considerable time, the users get detached with an accelerated pace.

According to a study by Strangeloop networks a mere 1 second delay can cause “16% decrease in UX, 11% fewer page views and 7% loss in conversion”.

But it is 2016 and times have changed substantially. With plethora of options available to users, page loading time has become more important than ever. Here is a graph which compares bounce rate with loading time of the page.

Nowadays people expect a website to load within 3.7 seconds. Typical Ecommerce websites take 4.9 seconds to become usable.

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How video marketing can accelerate your business growth

In this digital era, everyone is struggling to drive more traffic and increase their competitiveness. A big thanks to the advancement in technologies and strategies. Using the right technology at the right time makes it easy for the business to attract, engage, and delight the customers and hit the goals. Well! From the list of all the strategies, video marketing is one of the fastest-growing technologies that is helping the businesses in grabbing the visitor’s interest and driving the sales.

Due to its excellent benefits, around 63% of the businesses started using video content to reach the new heights sooner. If you are not using video marketing in your marketing strategy, then you are omitting one of the most profitable parts of marketing. Wondering why?

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How to Get Your Music On The First Page Of Search Engines

If you’d like to increase your fan base and have more people accessing your music, then you should consider search engine optimization (SEO) for your music business.

SEO is a marketing strategy aimed at boosting traffic to your website via organic search results.

Is it essential to bands and musicians? Yes, it is, and for two primary reasons:

  • It allows people who love your music to find your website by searching for you in search engines.
  • It increases the chances of people who may like your type of music to come across you after searching for your brand.

In other words, it’s about using the right SEO techniques to make your music discoverable on Google. Here’s how to go about it:

Start and Optimize a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a gem for all artists. It’s where most people go when searching for their favorite music. Specifically, you need a YouTube channel for your music because:

  • It’s the number one search engine for all music fans.
  • Most artists have used YouTube to build their careers.
  • Younger music fans use YouTube as their top listening platform.
  • Creating engaging music videos is by far the most effective way to beam your personality and brand into people’s eyes, ears, and imagination.
  • You can monetize your music through YouTube’s large ad-revenue.

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