A Guide to Search Operators for Advanced SEO

In this article we will talk about how you can use search operators to get important information related to your SEO as well as find great link building opportunities. While the infographic is pretty much self-explanatory, we will explain things in a bit more detail below.

Basic Search Operators

Site: The “Site” search operator allows you to restrict the results you get to a particular site only. So a search for “site:SEOoptimizers.com” will only return pages from SEOoptimizers.com.

Link: This can be a very useful search operator as it can help you find the sites or pages that are linking to a particular site. So for instance, searching for “link:YouTube.com” will help you find all pages that are linking out to YouTube.com.

Related: This can again be a useful search operator for getting a better idea about your competitors. It pulls up sites related to the one you use in the search query.

For an example, searching for “related:YouTube.com” will help you find sites that are similar to YouTube.com.

OR: The “OR” search operator helps you find pages that are talking about one of the two things you may be interested in. So for an example, searching for “SEO OR PPC” will pull up results that are either talking about SEO or PPC.

Info: This search query finds you a lot of useful information about a site, including its cached version. If you perform a search for “info:Google.com,” you will get to know a lot of rather technical stuff about it.

Cache: This search query basically helps you see how a particular page looked like when it was last crawled by Google. For example: Cache:instagram.com to get all the data about Instagram’s social media platform.

Advanced Search Operators

Allinanchor: Used to find the sites that are linking out to another site using a particular anchor text. Example: “Allinanchor: Best SEO Company” will find you pages that are linking to another site using the words “Best,” “SEO,” and “Company.”

Allintext: Helps you search for pages that include a particular text or words in their content. Example: “Allintext: SEO checklist” will find you pages that have the words “SEO” and “Checklist” in their content.

Allintitle: Same as the above one but it searches for the title than the text of the page. Example: “Allintitle: detect plagiarism” will return results that have the words “detect” and “plagiarism” in their title.

Allinurl: Again, same as above, but it deals with the URL of the page than the title or the content. So for instance, searching for “allinurl: Google FAQ” will help you find all pages that have the words “Google” and “FAQ” in their URL.

Finally, while these search operators are some of the most important ones, the others that are listed in the infographic can be pretty useful as well.


Want To Make Your App Viral Follow These Impressive Marketing Strategies

Want To Make Your App Viral? Follow These Impressive Marketing Strategies

So you are done with creating your business app. It is attractive, loaded with useful features and working fine on every device. However, there is a challenge in waiting for you. You now have a herculean task of promoting your app and make people download it.

For the last few years, mobile apps have gained enormous significance thanks to the smartphone revolution. The impact of this revolution is such that mobile apps have become an essential part of our lives. Be it online shopping, ordering food, paying bills, reading books or for that matter conducting a business; apps are indispensable tools today.

This exponential surge in the number of apps has toughened the competition of taking them to the masses like never before. It is of paramount importance for businesses to market and promotes their apps. This has led to the development of creative strategies on the part of app publishers with a sole purpose of making their apps known and downloaded.


What & How to Show ROI from SEO Campaigns

I was looking at previous SEO progress reports of some of my clients, which was all about marketing campaigns being designed and run for them by certain companies. What I found was they aren’t providing anything informative to my clients and no benefits of campaigns were achieved whatsoever. Since special reports are expected to clearly describe the process and benefits of campaigns, I found them lacking substantial details regarding delivery. Furthermore, I noticed SEO work done in bulk with no quality at all.

I fail to understand why companies or businesses are ready to pay for bulk, low quality work?

Why do they want to spoil their own business?

Why are small business owners paying every month for these reports and services?

Having mentioned this, I strongly recommend that these business owners need to move to a good company that perform high-quality work. Let me now clearly point out the fact that these services will not only be cheap but everyone can afford and customize as per budget as well. Therefore, you just need to find best service providers.

Let me share some of the most successful tips that I often share with my own clients.


How to Promote Video Ads on Instagram

Video marketing is the future and Instagram is one of the most sought after channels of video promotion after YouTube. Recently, Instagram increased the video length to 60 seconds. Needless to say it was received warmly by online marketers who aspire to promote and attract visitors with a tailored video content. Along with creative aspect, promoting videos on Instagram requires a touch of genius.

Here are some tips as to how you can promote Video ads to drive sales and garner sufficient exposure for your brand:

1- Have An Objective For Your Video Ads

Instagram just like any other social platform is ever changing. The trends and patterns can see a significant shift overnight. Before settling up for any strategy it is essential to know the objective of the video and then give reasons to the viewer to follow or share it with their peers.

If you look at the best video ads uploaded on Instagram in April 2016, you can clearly see their marketing strategy and its effectiveness. Here are some key takeaways:


How Content Marketing Strategy Boom Startup E-commerce Business

Nothing is impossible to achieve if you have good resources and investment. Most experts say online marketing for e-commerce sites is difficult, but it is not difficult even doing SEO for an e-commerce website is too easy by implementing these essential content marketing strategies for your e-commerce site to increase organic traffic, ranking and online sales.

Know your target audience

Know your target audience

Why content marketing fails? Without knowing your targeted audience content will not help you more to get 100% benefit from your content marketing efforts, most content marketers produce content for a blog post, white paper, video marketing, infographics, e-books, newsletter and more but how much they get the result? Only 30% get good result. Before producing content we must know what our targeted audiences are looking for, what kind of topic should we produce, how our content will help our audiences and force them to visit our website and buy our products. Don’t develop any content to publish without any output.