How effective is Your Website for Job Seekers?

When a person hears about a job vacancy in your company, the first thing he does is an instant search for your website to have a look on it. If your website is quite impressive and convenient to be understood, it will leave a positive impact on job seeker and definitely he would love to work with your organization, but if it lacks in any criteria, the job seeker will turn away. So, to attract more and more job seekers towards you, you must opt for a few things to make your website effective. Here is the list for the suggestions- 


Top 4 Inspiring Logo Redesigns You Should Look at in 2017

Why is branding so important? It triggers emotions. You don’t necessarily have to buy a product, to be familiar with it – you can be made aware of it by watching television, reading newsfeed on your smartphone or looking at ambient media (yes, outdoor advertising is still relevant, as well as television).

A simple, memorable and engaging logo becomes recognizable really fast. Hundreds of companies all over the world have already proven that. But what happens when a well-known company makes a decision to change its trademark’s styling?