What & How to Show ROI from SEO Campaigns

I was looking at previous SEO progress reports of some of my clients, which was all about marketing campaigns being designed and run for them by certain companies. What I found was they aren’t providing anything informative to my clients and no benefits of campaigns were achieved whatsoever. Since special reports are expected to clearly describe the process and benefits of campaigns, I found them lacking substantial details regarding delivery. Furthermore, I noticed SEO work done in bulk with no quality at all.

I fail to understand why companies or businesses are ready to pay for bulk, low quality work?

Why do they want to spoil their own business?

Why are small business owners paying every month for these reports and services?

Having mentioned this, I strongly recommend that these business owners need to move to a good company that perform high-quality work. Let me now clearly point out the fact that these services will not only be cheap but everyone can afford and customize as per budget as well. Therefore, you just need to find best service providers.

Let me share some of the most successful tips that I often share with my own clients.

What Amount of Work is Completed?

Every client is paying for getting an ROI. So you need to prepare and present a monthly report as evidence regarding the tasks that you complete according to your clients needs. These specialized reports represent what you have done for their website. Every small detail should be listed in reports, for example, if you did minor changes in Meta tags, you must locate and underline them. You need to make a list of daily activities, to-do tasks, issues that you have analyzed and fixed, and of recommendations that you have shared with your clients.

However, not every client wants to share these work reports because they want to achieve their marketing target in terms of getting traffic and sales on the website. So, this is not going to help you much to show your progress about the work you are doing for your clients.

Let me share more what else informative progress you can include in your marketing report.

Goal Conversions of your Marketing Campaigns

SEO Goals

You have to understand and figure out why business owners run marketing campaigns and what are their targets. Based on these facts, you need to add goals on Google analytics and other tracking systems. This is one of the most important components that business owners care about. They need to know how much business they are getting from a marketing campaign every month. They also need to know whether they are getting continuous improvements or not. This should be the focus of the report you send them.

Use Call Tracking Software to track calls

Callrail-call tracking software

One of the goals of business owners is getting as many calls as possible. You need to track these calls and if you can’t hold them for long enough, it wouldn’t produce positive results for your clients. So if you haven’t started tracking calls as yet, start doing it right now. There are a number of call tracking software that are available online such as CallRail and Call Tracking Metrics. The CallRail performs many functions for you including tracking calls and adding multiple numbers for a particular website that will then be dynamically changed.

Apart from this you can setup goals in Google analytics to track the status and share with your clients. It helps them become aware of how many calls they are getting as compared to previous month.

E-commerce Transaction or Revenue

This is one of the important e-commerce metrics for businesses to ponder upon for your business growth. Every marketing campaign needs to deliver ROI and to increase transaction or revenues; you need to seek some important information from your e-commerce clients such as average cost of products. It will help you in keeping track of the estimated revenue of any particular month. For that, you also need to add e-commerce tracking script on the website.

E-commerce Sales

Thus, using this model you will not only be able to track the revenue but you can also track user activities on the website. You can check the bounce rate of WebPages and provide suggestions accordingly. So in order to reduce the bounce rate, you can track your progress with e-commerce funnels, goal flow or user behaviors.

Show before/after statics of keywords ranking

So whatever improvement you register in a month, you need to highlight it. It is, in fact, a marker of a significant ranking increase that occurred as a result of your SEO. It will show your clients about the history of the websites’ ranking data, which will clearly tell them how a SERP used to look then and how it looks now. You can either use tools for preparing your ranking report or you can create it in MS Excel and MS Word. If you have Semrush tool then you can show the number of keywords you are ranking right now as compared to the previous month.

Semrush Keywords

Traffic Improvement

You need to add Google Analytics script on every page of your website so that you can track daily traffic coming on it.

Note: it is extremely important to consider here is while sending reports to your clients, the significant traffic improvement will always create a good impression of your work.

Traffic Improvement

So, in light of this, you can share the result of increase in traffic in Google organic searches, traffic from referral websites which you have created, blog post, or any other technique that you have used to get improvement. If you want to track which off page marketing campaign gave you good traffic on your website then you need to use URL parameters in your link building. You can also provide Google webmaster data to your clients, which shows how many impressions you are getting in the present month as compared to the previous months.

Bounce Rate

Why is bounce rate important for a website? It is a very important factor that tells about the user-friendliness of your website. If your website has more than 50% bounce rate, it means you need to work on your website to make it user-friendly. Maybe you are not targeting right keywords or not offering user relevant information on web pages. You need to work harder a little bit on that front, and if you are able to reduce bounce rate by implementing on-page SEO on your website then you must have to share the current bounce rate status of the website.

Bounce rate

I hope this information will help you create amazing marketing reports and impress your clients. Let me know your valuable comments and what you are adding in your marketing report.


Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is an entrepreneur and online marketing consultant. He is founder of the online marketing company LBSWebsoft. He has 15 years of work experience in digital marketing and helping small business. He advises several startups and established companies in India and other countries. You can follow him online at Google+ or @bskathayat.

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