5 Crucial Digital Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2019

The one constant thing in the digital world is the CHANGE. That means if you don’t acknowledge it or embrace it fully, there’s might be a situation, you or your brand might get dumped by the trend.

If you ever give a pause and think about web design, you can see how it has come a long way since the first website was published. It was strictly texted based with first generation HTML. But today, after two decades after the first publication of World Wide Web, we can’t imagine a website without aesthetic and responsive design, 3D buttons, blended typography, parallax, and large background image. So compared to your rival’s site, if your website looks dated, you’ll lose potential clients in each second.

While this may be a small picture but the fact remains that our digital marketing industry is changing like crazy. Technologies evolved within the past few years are becoming backdated to fight competition for all entrepreneurs and marketers. These technological innovations, new strategies, and trends are moving so fast that if you failed to keep pace with it than ever, you might be left far behind your rivals.

It’s time to look toward the future. So keeping this in mind, I’ve narrowed down the 5 crucial digital marketing trends that aim to rule our world in 2019. As a digital marketer and entrepreneur, this should be your new year’s resolutions. Read the next remaining sections if you are one of them who want to keep moving your brand to skyscrapers.

Artificial Intelligence will shape the digital marketing effort:

Like all other tech industries, artificial intelligence is becoming the most revolutionized integration which will continue its journey to take over this year as well. A recent survey by Salesforce showed that 51% of marketers prefer using AI which will hype by at least 27% in this year, 2019. This indicates how AI will become imperceptible part of digital marketing.

From many implications, chatbots are widely-known tools that’d be more than necessary in this year. But what are chatbots, really? In simple forms, it will start chatting and answering the question of your clients on behalf of you. These AI interfaces can serve 24/7 and collects important data from your potential clients. Comparing to human’s interaction, these never lose patience and much friendlier in manner.

As per Juniper Research, it’s estimated that chatbots will be a game changer for banking and healthcare and will save $8 billion annually by 2022. It can handle multiple chats at a time which is cost-effective in terms of reducing marketing campaign costs and customer acquisition cost as well. So implementing this as a digital marketing tool will amplify customer experience.

Coping up with advance voice search:

A study by Bright Local, last year 58% customer used voice search to find their desire local business and 27% voice searchers never mind visiting the website after conducting the search. Another study says by the end of 2020 at least 50% of all searches will be carried out by voice. These stats are indicating that the era of text searches are going to be taken over by voice search in the coming days.

So, voice search matters and now web owners not only have to think about how well the site is being designed but also how well it sound! The clock is ticking which means this is the time voice search should be integrated with your marketing planning. The good news is still there is time to adapt yourself to these trends and if you wish to keep up the pace of your digital marketing effort.

Social Media is Taking Over:

With 3.1 billion social media users globally, the size is getting bigger each day. Stat says there are one million fresh sign-ups are taking place per day in 2018. Social media has become one of the integral parts of people these days. The community is growing constantly evolving with new trends, strategies and ideas; the social media marketing effort also needed to be shaped with it. If you want to sell your product you need to go where your potential clients remain active.

Many markets and brands were seen to maintain single social platforms to continue campaign but in 2019 it won’t be enough anymore. Certainly, the leads of YouTube won’t be found at Facebook and Instagram audiences won’t be active on LinkedIn. That means you have to maintain all relevant channels to enhance the sale. Success like brand recognition, more sales and exposure would easier for brands, if they adopt correct social media strategies. So the key success path will be to circulate content strategically to all relevant social channels in accordance with targeted clients.

Video content:

As the video content contentious to grow each day, this year will not be different. The days are not so far when video content will take over text on online. While words can illustrate a brand’s story, personality, product or mission, video can do it faster. Consumers only trust what they see, like product demonstrations, reviews and these can be achieved through motion pictures. If you can explain or give a brief of what you have written 3 pages long by a short video, definitely users will be sit down and capture all the data quickly with videos. Let’s have a look at few stats.

A 2018 year-end study conducted by Wyzowl illustrates some surprising facts:

  • 76% say it helped to boosts traffic and sales
  • According to 47%, video can reduce support queries
  • 80% marketer believes embedding video content helped them to increase dwell time on their site
  • 81% customer convinced to purchase after watching a brand’s video

Another study showed that video contents are predicted to be accountable for at least 82% of internet traffic by 2021. As a result, the demands for webinars, webcasts and live videos will increase globally. The authentic nature of these video types always has been very popular especially on Facebook and Instagram. These boosts authenticity and trust among the audience. To tell great stories through visual content, Instagram is still reigned supreme and remain the same in 2019. The reason is– the average Instagram engagement rate for brands in a 2014 Forrester study was an epic 58 times higher than on Facebook. To use this important marketing platform, you need to build a large and real Instagram audience either by organic way or getting the help of a professional to gain paid or free insta followers.

Since the growth opportunity is huge, integrate video marketing in your digital marketing plan of 2019. Make the demonstration engaging, unique and make it mobile friendly. Maintain stick plan to upload optimized video content regularly and share via appropriate social media channels.

Native Advertising Will Be Powerful:

Now a day’s customers are becoming resistance towards marketing advertisements, and people are more convinced to avoid those intuitive commercials by installing add blockers. This behavior makes it difficult for the brand owners to reach the leads by out messages. The reason is those ads are less native or necessarily not presented naturally with their content that can serve searcher’s need. This why the importance of native advertisement comes out and blurs the lines between content and advertising. If needed you must blend the techniques with social media strategies so that ads should not look like ads; it’ll display just like regular content.

Wrapping up:

Obviously, 2019 will be a challenging year for marketers and brand owners. New technological innovations, trends, and ease of accessibility will make it difficult to compete with rivals. Luckily the trends those are included above can become your guide to lead towards success. I tried to pull best from the bests. So these bold predictions surely help you to catch up the trend.


Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is an entrepreneur and online marketing consultant. He is founder of the online marketing company LBSWebsoft. He has 15 years of work experience in digital marketing and helping small business. He advises several startups and established companies in India and other countries. You can follow him online at Google+ or @bskathayat.

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