Real Time Data- Real Game Changer

It is very difficult to define Art but Marketing does seem to fit in the description. Marketing needs innovation, it needs dedication and above all it needs knowledge with experience. Marketers create campaigns and spread awareness about their product or service by designing creative visuals and writing succinct but engaging content.

Though marketing sounds pretty straightforward but new and continuous innovations has blurred the line between art and science in the domain.

Real Time Marketing- The latest sensation

The latest trend in targeting potential customer is the use of Real-time data. It refers to the data that is presented as soon as it is acquired. There may be various bottlenecks like bandwidth of the user and site traffic which may delay the data collection but the the term real time just means that a specific data is not designed to be kept back after its eventual usage.

According to a research by smartinsights about 3/4th of the brands claimed that it was engagement and NOT the reach that made their marketing successful. In essence, it means that the content displayed to the end user must be in context to the “current conversation” and therefore look more attractive and viable. Additionally the research also suggests that real-time engagement also increases customer satisfaction.

Subtle Uses of Real-Time Action

Using Real-Time data can boost your marketing campaign immensely. With the far and wide reach of Internet and Social Media, data about the marketing campaigns can be easily collected, in real time.

Businesses use the following strategies to make use of real time marketing:

  • Triggered Emails– Emails that are sent out to customers as soon as a specific action is undertaken by user
  • Customer query and complaints– When an issue is raised by a customer, the resolution in real- time by using chat box or similar techniques can enhance the reputation of your business to a great extent.
  • Social Media Engagement– Customer response to various services generates relevant suggestions of “more pages they may like”.
  • Social Media Events– The worldwide breaking news get featured on major social media tools instantly (consider # trend).
  • Live Events– Global phenomenons are covered and broadcasted live on number of online platforms. As soon as a major activity occurs, the behaviour of the platform changes considerably.
  • Location-specific results– The results and suggestions for a the same user behaviour changes with location to a large extent.

How can you use Real time Data for Marketing more effectively

Google Analytics-It is impossible not to mention Google when it comes to Digital Marketing. Google analytics can show you real time data like “number of people currently on your website”, page view per second, page view per minute, top active pages etc. The feature can be accessed after logging into the analytics account in the left hand navigation. Do A/B testing and implement changes by gauging the audience on your page and their current behaviour.

Twitter- The twitter trend data can be a great resource for all the marketers trying to implement real time marketing for their campaigns. It shows what people are talking about with very little or minimal delay. Twitter even provides “promoted trend” for reaching far and wide twitter community. The trend can be tailored according to the location (by choice) to gauge hot topics in a specific country or state or even city.



Google trends– Another very potent real time marketing tool from Google. You can check the latest online trends with utmost ease and minimal effort. Trending results can be tailored according to the location and the various different categories as shown.

Marketing strategies need to evolve with time, if the strategies employ archaic tools, the campaign might suffer and push your investment in vain.


Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is an entrepreneur and online marketing consultant. He is founder of the online marketing company LBSWebsoft. He has 10 years of work experience in digital marketing and helping small business. He advises several startups and established companies in India and other countries. You can follow him online at Google+ or @bskathayat.

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