Tips for Working From Home

Due to the pandemic, it is the reality for many people that their work must now be done from home. In the first quarter of 2020, many people were unable to get into work as the virus was spreading rapidly. However, work still had to be done being the show must go on. Businesses then decided that their employees would work from home. Luckily enough, the tactic worked out quite well for many businesses. So well in fact that it’s perhaps the future for many businesses. Remote working is now extremely common, and many people work every day from their own homes.

At the start of the pandemic, everyone seemed to love the idea of working from home. You don’t have to dress up, and you don’t have to travel; it seemed like a win-win. However, as time went on some people didn’t exactly love working from home anymore and wanted to get straight back into the office. However, this isn’t possible for many people. If you are straining to work from home, you can do some things to help liven your experience. Here are some tips for those working at home.

Have a Good Computer

If you are working from home, the chances are that you spend a great chunk of your day on the computer. This means you’ll probably want one that works pretty well. There’s nothing more infuriating than a computer that is slow or constantly breaking. Therefore, it will be well worth an investment to purchase a really solid device for your work. Another great option could be to build a computer. This way, you can customize the device to suit your needs. Not to mention it is also cost efficient. If you feel like this could be a good option for you, you can search for parts at Octopart.

Stay Disciplined With Your Hours  

One thing that can make working from home difficult is that you are working under your own hours. Although this freedom may seem great at the time, it could turn out to reduce your productivity. Working 9-5 may not suit everyone when given a choice, but it can lead to a more disciplined workday. If you are working from home, try to set out the hours you will work, at least the day before. If you don’t and just see how you feel when you wake up, it makes it more difficult to get going.

Plan Breaks

In the spirit of staying disciplined with time, planning your breaks is just as important. You should treat working from home like you are still in the office. Just because the building is different doesn’t mean that the day structure should be too. One major tripping point people have when working from home is their breaks. Taking them when you want can lead to many. As well as not having a set duration can mean you spend too long on your break. Have a set duration at a set time to be efficient. That way, you’ll know in advance when your breaking and when you are going back to work.



Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is an entrepreneur and online marketing consultant. He is founder of the online marketing company LBSWebsoft. He has 15 years of work experience in digital marketing and helping small business. He advises several startups and established companies in India and other countries. You can follow him online at Google+ or @bskathayat.

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