Productivity Tools that Every SEO Team Must Use

As online marketers, we always try to get good results and looks for new marketing tools that enhance the performance of the marketing campaigns and generate the highest ROI. Productivity tools are useful to manage task, role, workflow, track the performance of the marketing campaign and boost team productivity.

If you are part of the marketing agency, IT Services Companies or an in-house marketing team, social media expert, content marketing or SEO, this article will help you to improve your work process; here are most important tools to run a successful digital marketing campaign:

Project & Time Management tools:

Project and time management is the most important for any organization and helps in enhance the productivity and get the best result on time, by using productivity tools, marketing team can improve the workflow and track the status of the work easily and communicate with the team members for work status. Here are some tools that must be used:


First, why your team need Trello and how Trello helps you in project management, Trello is basically a free and paid project management tool where you can create boards, cards of the tasks and assign it to your team members with the deadline and other instructions. You can invite your team members, clients, tag them for their tasks, set deadline, reminders, upload and download documents, even you can access this tool from your mobile phone, easy to communicate and use for any level of users.

Stackfield makes it easier to collaborate in workspaces within various projects. With this platform, all chats, thread-based discussions, tasks, approvals, files, and events are gathered in one place to ensure seamless cooperation and higher productivity. What makes Stackfield stand out is the fact that this solution is highly secure, with all the data encrypted directly in the browser.


Another great project management app for project and team management, you can create a free and paid account based on your requirements, an effective tool to track project tasks, progress reports, get real-time updates, send notification and reminders of the task to the team members, you can assign task to the individuals within one card and much more.  


Much more than projects management, this tool will help you from start to end of your work process, whatever you need, going to kick off a project with the team or clients, hiring a new employee, analyses your contract with the organization or plan your budget etc.. this tool has lot more for you. Create multiple channels and for different departments and get work done as you want.


The productivity of an organization can be enhanced only if the company can improve employee time management system. If there is no time and work tracking for the employee then you never know what your team members are doing and how they are performing. Here OnTheclock is a cloud-based employee management app that helps you to track the employee working hours, working activities, in or out time and much more. You can also track the employee punch in and out time from your mobile apps and monitor the IP address and GPS locations of the employee.

Keyword Research Tools

Business generating keywords help you to drive more sales on the website, and an effective keywords analysis will provide you the foundation of your marketing campaign. To improve your keywords analysis process and find out the best keywords for your business to get more sales and traffic every marketing expert need to use keywords analysis tools to perform keywords analysis in the right ways. Here are tools which must be used while keywords research:


Ubersuggest is a free keywords analysis tool, developed by Italian SEO guy and acquired by Neil Patel, you can find important keywords of your niche, this tool pulls search data from Google keywords planner, AdWords and Google suggest and provide long tail keywords with SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, cost per click and much more. You can download sheet in the form of CSV of you can copy keywords to the clipboard.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

All-time favorite tool for every marketer, awesome free tool from Google to get keywords for a marketing campaign, mostly created for AdWords advertisers but you can use this without adwords; you need a Gmail account to use this tool. You can get a customized report of keywords with estimated monthly traffic, competitions, top page bid low and high range etc.. which help you get more appropriate keywords for your marketing campaign.

Google Trends

One of the great tool from Google to analyze the behavior of the users, compare the popularity of searches, current trends and much more, more trustable for a data source based on millions of search queries. With the help of this tool, you can analyze the current search queries, watch rising search queries, focus on sessional searches, get ideas for your content marketing and make changes on your marketing campaign accordingly to get a good result.

Keyword Discovery

Keywords discovery is another tool to find out relevant keywords to target relevant industry users, this tool collects data from multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay etc.. You can search country specific keywords search data like other tools. I hardly prefer this one but lots of marketers are crazy about this tool.

Twitter trends

Be smart and follow the latest technologies to find result driving keywords for business, Twitter and Reddit will help you to find the latest trending topics on social media. Twitter display the latest trend based on your location at the left-hand side to your twitter account like below:

You can customize twitter trend by clicking on the changed text and add the location.

SEO Website Analysis Tools: If you want to excel your marketing campaign and improve output and productivity whiling doing website analysis, you must aware from top website analysis tools:


Ahrefs tool is one of the best tool to analyze website performance, find out issues, competitor analysis, get the list of backlinks for backlink analysis. Most marketing experts think that the tool is only for competitor backlink analysis but the tool has much more to do, you can check out URL Rating, Domain Rating, Referring Pages or domains, used anchor text, indexed links, new or removed links, find out the broken links of the competitor to implement broken link building, do keywords analysis with the help of keywords explorer, steal your competitor paid marketing ads, judge keywords difficulties and much more.


Semrush is another website analysis tool that helps you in website analysis and diagnosis website technical issues like internal broken links, images, duplicate contents, 404 errors, duplicate meta tags, page loading speed issue, crawled error, AMP related issues, markup error, crawl depth, HTTP status, canonicalization, Sitemap error and much more.

You can get the list of issues and priorities errors and fix them one by one that will help you to rank on the Google and other search engines, apart from website analysis, you can also get link building report and can do competitor analysis.


WooRank is a free and paid website analysis tool that provides technical website analysis issues and status instantly, this tool covers almost all on page checklist and generate a customized report, you can check few websites in limited time duration as a free user but you can use paid version to get maximum analysis reports. If you don’t know how to use and in dilemma about the output of this tool then you can use 14 days free trial initially.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an application that installed on your system and conducts a website analysis of 500 pages, if you want detailed report and resources of website status then you can use this tool. You can generate the list of pages that have an issue with meta tags, server errors, dead or 404 pages or images, missing alt tags, response time, anchor text and other details of 500 pages. If you want the page details where the issue is then this is the tool best for you. 


SiteAnalyzer was a free tool but now they offer paid result, you can use this tool with their 14 days free trial plan and analysis your websites for technical issues. This tool will give you an insight of website SEO issues like downloading time, URL issues, server configuration, response or mobile friendly, HTML or CSS issues, Meta tag issues, code/text ratio, H1 status, Sitemap, robots.txt status and much more.

This tool is like WooRank and gives you a details report of the website so that you can get an idea of website issues and add in your to-do list.

Content Auditing Tools:

Content is the most important part of the success, as per the latest Google algorithm the quality and relevancy of the contents are most important to get rank on the top searches. Lots of websites had been down-ranked due to the new algorithm. Contents must be analyzed before starting any marketing campaign, without knowing the current status of your content you can’t utilize your marketing efforts to get a good result. For a marketing person, for a portal or big e-commerce website, it would be hard to get reviewed all web pages one by one and that will take a time to review, to improve the process and performance of this task, you will need few best plagiarism tools:


Grammarly is a free and paid tool to check duplicate contents, not only duplicate content this tool also used to check grammatical errors within the contents. The free version of this tool will not bring you the accurate result and hide some data so you need to go with the premium membership so that you can get exact duplicate contents of the website. It also helps you in your content marketing and you can check your content plagiarism or someone else post is original or copied from other places and other grammatical errors.


Copyscape is also similar to the Grammarly but Copyscape is only used to check plagiarism or duplicate content, it also hides data whiling free access but best for paid members. You need to pay some bugs every time to check duplicate contents, you can simply past your content or webpage URL to check duplicate issue, with the paid services you will get exact status of your content, from where the content has been copied, what percentage of the contents, what exact sentence has been copied from external resources etc..


Now talk about the Siteliner, if you want to check inner duplicate content on the website then this is the best too that will give you detail insights. You just need to post your website URL and run an analysis then you will get percentages of duplicate contents, broken links, skipped pages rated domains and other details also you can download the report in different formats. 

Content Marketing Tools:

Everyone is running behind of content marketing and almost 80% of marketing experts are using content marketing in their marketing campaign and targeting their customers wisely. A single sentence of the content can impact huge impression in the front of the customers. Without an effective content marketing strategy, you will not get the desired result. To implement a content marketing you will need some good tools that will help you to accelerate your marketing process and boost your business online. Here are the best tools which should be used for content marketing:


If you are creating contents blindly or don’t know the current trends of the contents then you must use BuzzSumo, not only get information about the latest content trends  but you will get insights of contents that people are looking for and sharing on their social media profiles. With the help of this tool, you can create relevant topics, make a content calendar and track your competitor’s activities too.

You can also filter your result by date or time, get the result of the past 1 year, set content alert, and use other additional filters, comprehensive social media analytics and much more.

Majestic SEO

Similar to the Ahrefs, this tool also helps to do competitor analysis and find the link building opportunities for your website. You will need a paid version of the tool to collect data. You can use trust and citation flow metrics to analysis the website quality, check the anchor text of your competitors so that you can get keywords ideas of your competitor as well as targeting keywords for your content marketing strategy.

Google Alerts

A simple tool of Google, you can set Google alerts for your targeted keywords, your competitor brand news, other SEO needs and receive an email update for recent posts that will help you to identify what your competitors are doing, what trending topics you can cover to get more exposure. You can get the best resources where your competitors are publishing their contents and target those websites and create a content marketing plan accordingly.

Ninja Outreach

Backlinks are the backbone of any marketing campaign and outreaching is the best way to get links from high authority websites so to enhance the performance of your content marketing campaign you will need outreaching tools like Ninja Outreach to find valuable influences for your brand. With the help to this tool or tools like Traackr, Tomoson, Pitchbox , you will get multiple influences of your niche and can select the best one for your influence marketing.

Tools that improve social media productivity:

Social media marketing is one of the most growing techniques to get brand visibility among your targeted audiences. Almost every small and big bands are using social media marketing to improve customer experience and brand visibility. So if you are doing social media marketing for any clients then you must aware from the topmost social media productivity tools that accelerate the performance of your marketing effort within a short time:


The most important headache in social media marketing is scheduling your posts at the right time and analyzing the performance of the posts. If you don’t want to waste your time creating and scheduling your posts then BufferApp will help you to manage your post sharing times later in the day. With the help of this app, you can schedule your social media posts at any time and put in the queue and sit back.


One of the simple and powerful tool to manage all social media activities for social media experts. You can schedule your posts and manage your multiple accounts and platforms at one place, do more research on the social media campaign, and track ROI.

Sprout Social

If you want to build a strong relationship with your customer then this tool has much more than other tools, this tool provides a CRM feature to manage and control your social media account,  like other tools you can schedule your posts and analysis your campaign performance.


Images and banners play an important role in social media marketing, for an SEO or social media experts, it is not possible to be an expert in designing, Bannersnack is an online banner maker or designing tool that has lots of functions to create an outstanding banners and social media visuals for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and much more. You can create and save your banners in multiple formats like JPG, PNG, GIF or HTML5.

Website Performance, Traffic and Sales Analysis Tools

For any marketing campaign, it is required to track the performance in terms of sales and traffic to accomplish business goals, there are many tools to track the result of the website, here are few that you can use:


Statcounter is a website analytics tool that provides useful information’s like website visitors, visitor locations bower information and much more, it is available in a free as well as paid version but there are some limitations in a free version. You need to create an account on this website, add project and add Statcounter tracking script on your website.

Google Analytics and Search Console

Every online marketing experts aware from these Google free tools, Google analytics tools is the best tool to analyze the performance of your website, you can track almost everything by customizing and adding some API’s. Track website visitors, locations, browsers, service providers, goals, e-commerce conversion, transactions, on time visitors and much more, whereas Google search console helps us to determine what wrong with the website, webpage index status, mobile issue, dead links, website links, Google penalty, Google warning alerts and much more.

Ranking Tracking and Reporting Tools:


You can use Semruh position tracking tool to track your website ranking on multiple keywords also you can track your multiple competitor keywords ranking statuses. You can have multiple filters to customize your report like ranking positions on top 3, 5, 10 etc. and export your campaign raking report in multiple formats.

Raven Tools

If you want to generate a historical bulk ranking of keywords on multiple search engines then Raven tool will get you exact data so that you can track the SERP changing status of your keywords. You can track the ranking on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you want to track keywords under 300 then this is the best free option else you have to go with the paid services. You can also add individual competitor in SERP tracking or add bulk competitors. This saves your time to check manual search rankings and generate the ranking report for your clients within a few minutes.

Google Data Studio

Every marketing campaign needs a customized report that represents the work and progress in front of the client so that they can review progress easily. Google has a report generating tool that has the functions to create a customized report, Google Data Studio is the Google free tool to generate a report with the collaboration of the Google Analytics, Search Console, YouTube, Google Sheets, Adwords, Google Cloud Storage etc..  Here you can check how you can create a fully customized report with the help of this tool.


Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is an entrepreneur and online marketing consultant. He is founder of the online marketing company LBSWebsoft. He has 15 years of work experience in digital marketing and helping small business. He advises several startups and established companies in India and other countries. You can follow him online at Google+ or @bskathayat.

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