5 Ways Your Social Media Content is Annoying Your Audience

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that they are posting high-quality and original content. And it could be true that while posting on social media, they make it fun and memorable. But have you ever realized that you are boring your audience instead of engaging them and making profits from your campaigns?

Whether you are running paid advertisements or you are using organic content connections to bring in conversions and sales, your first thing to look at is the content. Quality drives the success of your campaigns on social media, and you should focus on engaging your audience in everything you post.

This post reveals 5 ways in which you are ruining your business with annoying content on social media. We will also help you to fix the errors so that you can improve your content and increase user engagements. For maximal profitability, you need to check every aspect of mistakes you could be doing, and work on improving so that your prospects can take action with valuable content.

Here are the mistakes you should start cleaning out on your social media content. You should have started already because, as you already know, you are annoying your potential customers and scaring them away.

1. You Are Repeating Information Over and Over

People are fond of re-posting content from previous commercials and conversations trying to promote their businesses. In the marketer’s view, it is easier to share the content to reach more people within a short time. You could be thinking that there is no need for creating new content when promoting the same product over and over.

Back in your mind, I guess you think that by quickly sharing your old content or posts from other sources can help you to buy essay online for other marketing needs. You also consider that curating content is easier than paying for new content every time you are pushing a product.

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But one fact about repetitive content is that it becomes annoying in the eye of the consumer. If a person has read a post about a product and then they come across it in a few minutes, they are more likely to “mark spam” or report it as annoying or repetitive.

Some people can report your posts as irrelevant or inappropriate if you keep repeating content. In this way, they will not see the post again. These negative feedbacks affect your reach – both organically and through paid advertisement.

To gain more engagement on social media, create new and fresh content for every product you are promoting. It will be more advantageous if you create your content to meet your audience needs and get real followers. That is why you should understand your prospects before you start pushing campaigns on social media.

2. You Are too Wordy

Sometimes you read that writing long content will help in improving your SEO ranking. This is true, and it will drive more organic traffic to your blog or website. But do not make the mistake of transferring this rule to social media campaigns.

Engagement on social media is different from SEO. Also, ranking your posts on social networks like Facebook requires that your audience engage more. Your content should grab the attention of the reader and be friendly. You will, therefore, want to write short posts that are easy to read and straight to the point.

If you have lots of information to write about a product, you need to shorten the overall content. You can do so by mentioning only the features with benefits. And you can also write in bullet points to make readability easier. This way, your audience will not find it difficult to read and comprehend your content.

Pay attention to grammar and simple mistakes like punctuation, correct spacing, and numbering. Your social media audience will not take you seriously when they discover that you have consistent mistakes in your content. If you cannot write in clear and accurate English grammar, you can hire a writer to deliver highly engaging content for your audience.

3. You Are Pushing Poorly Designed Content

No matter how awesome your content is, if it is not appealing to the eye, nobody is going to read it. Social media users hate content that they strain to read or understand. I’m sure even you hate that kind of content.

You should create clear and easy-to-read content for your social media audience. Create your content in an easy flowing format that anybody can easily read. You also need to ensure that you pick the colors correctly. Some color mixes can be so horrible to the eye.

For more engagements on social media, enhance your content with images or video. Infographics are also highly consumable types of content. But you can kill your mission if you present awkward content. It is ideal that you hire a designer to create appealing content to ensure you receive higher engagements for your campaigns on social media.

4. You Are Publishing Lies

So you got a new product in the market and you want to make more sales. It is, of course, a good product. But you want to use some tricks to try and gain more conversions. That is another annoying habit your audience hates. If you keep posting exaggerated information, your audience will always know, but you may not be aware. That is the reason they abandon your content.

Before anybody makes a purchase online, they will research information about any given product.And, available softwares like online learning software that helps in providing exposure to gain appropriate knowledge. If they find out that any part of the content you publish is not as per the product description, then they will deem you a liar. You will then lose your audience to your competitors. Their going will not depend on whether you published the wrong information willingly or by mistake.

Before you post anything on social media, you should get the facts straight. Once you have composed your content, re-read it to verify the authenticity before you hit the publish button.

When you order content from someone or you have employed a VA to manage your social media, it is ideal that you are present to check if the content is verifiable. Having a team does not mean you leave everything and expect growth in your business.

5. You Are Personalizing the Content too Much

It is true that you need to understand your audience in order to serve them with relevant content. Content that addresses your prospect’s needs receives better engagement than when it is generic. But did you know that lots of customization make the audience pull back from your posts and brand?

People on social media are very careful when connecting with brands and individuals. If they see that your messages are directed to their specific conditions, they will start suspecting you.

Take, for instance, the case where Facebook information has been breached in the past and people’s personal lifestyle exposed, who will not suspect you are spying on them when they see your post is describing their conditions? You do not want people to block your page, do you?

Be careful when you create content for your social media channels. Make it appeal to people according to their interests and personal preferences, but do not address specific issues in a manner that depicts that you know someone in person.


Managing social media is not as easy as people used to think. You have to put in effort and determination to deliver quality content to your audience. Patience is important when you are learning the steps of optimizing your social media content for better engagement . Ensure you do not lose your patience, and use the right platforms for your business needs.

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Kimberly Clark is a digital marketing strategist with expertise in social media marketing. Her ambition is to make the best out of social media, and she is devoted to helping SMEs to leverage their online presence to boost their business growth. Whenever she has time, Kimberly shares her ideas and experience with others through blog posts.



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