5 SEO Trends That YOU Need To Know In 2021

It’s a new dawn of online SEO, and if you’re not keeping up with the trends, you will end up missing out on all of that search traffic!

Here are five SEO trends we expect to keep trending in 2021.

SEO Is Still Important In 2021

Did someone tell you that SEO is dead? Well, they were mostly wrong.

SEO is changing every day, and it’s no longer enough to just stuff a load of keywords into your article and hope for the best!

Getting a professional SEO agency, like ALT agency, onboard to help you make smart choices will be absolutely pivotal for your success in 2021 and beyond.

AI Will Have A Major Impact On SEO

Google is and has been investing billions of dollars into Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to the point where the AI developed algorithm is so clever that even the people who worked on it have a hard time being able to decipher it!

This trend is likely to grow even more throughout the year and beyond, which means you need to double down on your good SEO habits, as the AI is learning the tricks markets have been using to get around it.

AI Isn’t Quite There Yet

Speaking of tricks, the AI isn’t quite there on its path to dominance over the SEO sphere just yet. There are still a few ways to beat the algorithm, but your main focus needs to be on working with it rather than against it.

UX Design Is A Major Part Of SEO

Did you think it’s just enough to write a long article about your topic and leave it be? You need to think again, as user experience and good design are playing a major role in SEO right now and this only looks to continue throughout the next twelve months too.

Make sure everything you put on your website looks great and is there for the right reasons. Articles need to be easy to scan and give the users the information they need right when they need it, don’t make them wait.

Don’t forget to focus on formatting too. Use H2, H3, and H4 headings, bold and italics, as well as bullet pointing and numbered list to help your users (and Google) scan your content.

Consider Other Search Engines

The future of search is coming, and it may not lie with Google. This is a major stumbling block for many SEO experts today, but you need to start planning for a future that doesn’t have Google at the top and everyone else way behind.

Google is, and probably will be in the near future, still the number one search engine by a long shot, but after their removal of their “Don’t be evil” promise, and their apparent censorship on Google-owned websites like YouTube, there has been a huge shift to using other search services, such as Duck Duck Go.

Smart SEO professionals will be watching this trend and planning accordingly.

How video marketing can accelerate your business growth

In this digital era, everyone is struggling to drive more traffic and increase their competitiveness. A big thanks to the advancement in technologies and strategies. Using the right technology at the right time makes it easy for the business to attract, engage, and delight the customers and hit the goals. Well! From the list of all the strategies, video marketing is one of the fastest-growing technologies that is helping the businesses in grabbing the visitor’s interest and driving the sales.

Due to its excellent benefits, around 63% of the businesses started using video content to reach the new heights sooner. If you are not using video marketing in your marketing strategy, then you are omitting one of the most profitable parts of marketing. Wondering why?

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How to Get Your Music On The First Page Of Search Engines

If you’d like to increase your fan base and have more people accessing your music, then you should consider search engine optimization (SEO) for your music business.

SEO is a marketing strategy aimed at boosting traffic to your website via organic search results.

Is it essential to bands and musicians? Yes, it is, and for two primary reasons:

  • It allows people who love your music to find your website by searching for you in search engines.
  • It increases the chances of people who may like your type of music to come across you after searching for your brand.

In other words, it’s about using the right SEO techniques to make your music discoverable on Google. Here’s how to go about it:

Start and Optimize a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a gem for all artists. It’s where most people go when searching for their favorite music. Specifically, you need a YouTube channel for your music because:

  • It’s the number one search engine for all music fans.
  • Most artists have used YouTube to build their careers.
  • Younger music fans use YouTube as their top listening platform.
  • Creating engaging music videos is by far the most effective way to beam your personality and brand into people’s eyes, ears, and imagination.
  • You can monetize your music through YouTube’s large ad-revenue.

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Geofencing Marketing Strategies to Boost E-commerce Sales

If we explain the word “geofencing”, it is creating a fence or marking a boundary over a specific location on geo or Earth. In marketing terminology, geofencing refers to pitching your brand to a group of people or audience in a specific location.

However, for marketers, geofencing is not just about targeting people in a country, state, zip code, or location. It is also about the traits of their exact audience or buyer persona – such as competitions’ customers, buying history, web or mobile browsing trends, preferences, interests, age, and gender.

Geofencing and eCommerce

E-Commerce industry, which was going through a great hardship due to users’ privacy and financial security concerns at the beginning of the last decade, has already started leveraging geofencing to reach new customers; establish a healthy but a tough competition; and set new sales records.

According to a report, “51% of smart phone users have discovered a new company or product conducting a search on their smart phone.”

If users can find or locate a company, product, or service they need, why can’t a company or marketer locate customer(s) for their product? Geofencing allows for that with the help of new-age marketing tools and techniques.

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4 Ways to Manage Your Business Workflow Better

Constantly improving as a business is a must, and this includes internal improvements such as keeping on top of all your processes and management style. Losing grip on streams of work and tasks to fulfill is easily done, and once control is lost, it can take a long while to pick it back up again, during which time your business may suffer due to disorganization.

Here are 4 ways to improve your business workflow.

  1. Use Project Management Tools

This is particularly helpful if you and your business work better by managing information on a visual level. If you have a lot of information and data to manage, any computerized process is going to make that easier for a team. BPM tools will help to manage and improve your workflow on an automated level, which means you eliminate the risk of neglecting workflow management. It also means that all employees can access the same data whenever they need to, increasing cohesion between colleagues. Some of the best project management apps are also listed is this productivity apps post by Pixpa

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