Google’s 2015 On Page SEO Factors: the Complete List

SEO is dead and many SEOs are leaving the profession just because of limited works. Do you think SEO has changed? Yes is it but not dead. Now there are so many factors for higher ranking in search engines which include domain level, website on page, back-linking, user experience, social medial, online branding and other factors.

To get higher ranking in search engines, you must read On Page SEO ranking factors 2015 below:


How to Include Company Social Media Profile in Google Search Results

Its good news for business owners, recently Google included social media profiles on Google search knowledge graph. Now connecting with customers on social media profiles is become easier and its looks brand awareness is directly impacting in search engine rankings. Have a look on the screenshot of latest Google search result below:

This new Google search feature will help online marketers to improve brand awareness and visibility also help is brand promotions. Now what? How it would be possible to include social profiles in search results? It can be possible by including structured markup on your website.